Fellowship Art Prize Finalists

Congratulations to the WINNER in the 2016 Frensham Fellowship Art Prize:

Nicola Bolton (Henderson 1980) for 'Paterson River'


Paula Jenkins (Baillie 1996)

'All Dried Up' - Oil on board, 100x130cm, $3,300

Nicola Bolton (Henderson 1980)

**WINNER** 'Paterson River' - Charcoal on paper, 130x100x2cm, $2,600

Zoe Sernack (1994)

'Oasis' - Acrylic on canvas, 122x91cm, $2,400

Robin Errey (Hill 1981)

'The Leap' - Bronze mounted on marble, 30x35x10cm, $2,850

Zoe Young (1995)

**Highly Commended** 'GIRLS' - Acrylic on canvas, 90x110cm, $5,000

Matilda Dumas (Campbell 1985)

**Highly Commended** 'Hawthorns at Dusk' - Oil and wax on board, 41x36.5cm, $1,000

Juliet Holmes à Court (1973)

'Light, That Simple Wonder' - Oil and wax on canvas, 91x91cm, $4,500

Dimity Kidston (Hobbs 1989)

'Underfoot I' - Tapestry, 100x100cm, $8,500

Nadja Kabriel (1998)

'Sentinels of the Tartlet' - Oil on canvas, 81x81x5cm, $600

Dimity Kidston (Hobbs 1989)

'Underfoot II' - Tapestry, 84x128cm, $9,600

Juliet Holmes à Court (1973)

'Cloud Mountains and Far Imaginings' - Oil and wax on canvas, 85x150cm, $5,500

Helen Gauchat (Wilson 1965)

'On the Larapinta Trail' - Acrylic on canvas, 115x80cm, $3,500

Lucy Watts (Austin 1990)

'Early Morning' - Acrylic and oil on canvas, 101x101x4cm, $1,995

Zoe Young (1995)

Tea and History with Mrs Buick - Acrylic on canvas, 90x90cm, $4,500

Katrina Hill (1998)

'Still Life' - Oil on canvas, 76x72cm, $6,000

Brooke Thompson (1989)

'Cicada' (yellow) - Acrylic and oil crayon on board, 80x120cm, $3,500

Dinny de Célis (Ryrie 1960)

'Figure 3' - Plaster, 52cm, $1,500

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